YouTube stars who make millions every year

Some YouTube stars make millions every year through their videos. Research firms like Nielsen, and others have made a list of the top earning YouTube stars. The list includes people who earns by commenting on video games, doing comedies, talking about dancing and beauty and other acts. This way they have attracted millions of viewers and made money. Here is the list of top five YouTube stars earning millions of dollars every year.


This person has about 40 million followers. He made $12 million last year. He is a Swedish star with real name Felix Kjellberg. His channel ‘playing video games with your bros’ is huge success.


Two best friends known as Smosh in YouTube perform comedy acts online and got famous. They have 5 YouTube channels. They earned $8.5 million last year. Their movie Smosh: The Movie came out recently.

Fine BrothersTheFineBros

Benny and Rafi fine got attention first by their React video series. The brothers film people who are watching top videos. They earned $8.5 million last year.

Lindsey StirlingLindsey Stirling

This girl plays violin and dances at the same time. She started posting videos from 2007 after she became unsuccessful in signing a big record label. She earned $6 million last year.

Rhett and LinkRhett and Link

Rhett and Neal got engineering degrees from NC State before starting their comedy careers in YouTube. They became famous for Good Mythical Morning. They earn half the money from sponsored deals. They shot clips for brands like Toyota and Gillette.

If these people can earn so much by posting videos, so can you. If you have any special talent then you might try your luck!