Success of YouTube channels

Every minute 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. There are channels which market these videos so that more and more viewers watch them. Following are some of the channels which became extremely popular recently.

  1. YouTube Channels that created content focused on children and family were very successful in reaching the young audiences.  Baby Big Mouth, Little Baby Bum, Ryan’s Toy Review, etc. are such channels. Little Baby Bum and Baby Big Mouth channels are for pre-school children. Little Baby Bum uploads mix of nursery rhymes which had 435 million views in December of last year. Till now the channel has generated 2 billion views.
  2. The YouTube music channels have been popular as well. British pop singer Adele’s channel Vevo generated 470 views last month. She has more than 10 million subscribers. 3.3 billion views have been generated from her videos since May 2009.
  3. Ryan’s Toys Review channel is also a successful YouTube channel with one million subscribers. It has clips of Thomas and Friends Toy Trains, Disney Cars Toys, Giant Egg Surprise openings, Marvel Super heroes, etc.

Nowadays, with so many YouTube channels you don’t need cable television anymore. You can get quality entertainment on the Web. Other than product reviews, like this one - garbage disposals, nest thermostat review, children and family entertainment and music channels, there are also channels for learning Physics, crash courses on any subject, sports like WWE, and many more. So, instead of spending your time watching TV you can browse through these interesting YouTube channels. You can also think of making a YouTube channel of your own. But make sure to plan well before you launch your channel.

YouTube stars who make millions every year

Some YouTube stars make millions every year through their videos. Research firms like Nielsen, and others have made a list of the top earning YouTube stars. The list includes people who earns by commenting on video games, doing comedies, talking about dancing and beauty and other acts. This way they have attracted millions of viewers and made money. Here is the list of top five YouTube stars earning millions of dollars every year.


This person has about 40 million followers. He made $12 million last year. He is a Swedish star with real name Felix Kjellberg. His channel ‘playing video games with your bros’ is huge success.


Two best friends known as Smosh in YouTube perform comedy acts online and got famous. They have 5 YouTube channels. They earned $8.5 million last year. Their movie Smosh: The Movie came out recently.

Fine BrothersTheFineBros

Benny and Rafi fine got attention first by their React video series. The brothers film people who are watching top videos. They earned $8.5 million last year.

Lindsey StirlingLindsey Stirling

This girl plays violin and dances at the same time. She started posting videos from 2007 after she became unsuccessful in signing a big record label. She earned $6 million last year.

Rhett and LinkRhett and Link

Rhett and Neal got engineering degrees from NC State before starting their comedy careers in YouTube. They became famous for Good Mythical Morning. They earn half the money from sponsored deals. They shot clips for brands like Toyota and Gillette.

If these people can earn so much by posting videos, so can you. If you have any special talent then you might try your luck!

Viral video websites that you must follow

You can find a lot of viral video websites on the internet. Some of these websites are very popular and effective. You must follow these sites if you are fond of viral videos.

YouTube Charts


YouTube is the leader of video websites. Just like YouTube, if a video is on YouTube Charts then you can be sure that the video will go viral.  YouTube Charts has a geo-location option which shows the top localized videos as well. There are filters available which allows you to see popular videos. You can also set a time range for the video.



PopScreen is another viral video website that is quite popular. It is known as the world’s first video prediction engine. If finds out videos that are trending and go viral. You can save your favorite videos through a video bookmarking service to view it later. It eliminates duplicate videos. It indexes videos fom YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and other video sites.



Break will tell you which videos are going to be viral soon. It collects top comedy videos from different video sites. Pictures and games are also selected.



This site collects the most Tweeted videos. The videos are placed in categories and you can also filter by language of your preference. It has a huge collection of videos.



This site collects viral videos but displays them according to the best quality. The interface is uncluttered and clean. Most of its videos are HD quality.

These viral video sites have made it easy for us to find out which videos are currently popular. It saves our time searching for a good video.

Most viewed YouTube videos

YouTube is a platform for artists to share their performance with the audiences and get their feedback. Number of likes, dislikes and comments on a video tell whether the video is liked my majority of the people who have used it. So, singers and other artists, use YouTube to find out how popular their music or other performance is. Here are the top 5 most viewed videos on YouTube till date.

PSY Gangnam StylePSY Gangnam Style

This music video has been viewed by more than two billion viewers. More than 10 million people have liked this video. The music is by the South Korean rapper Psy. The music has simple rhythm and the video is fun to watch.

Taylor Swift- Blank SpaceTaylor Swift- Blank Space

This music video has more than 1.4 billion viewers and has been liked by more than 5 million people. The song was released in 1989. It held the number 1 position in the US billboard.

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth Furious 7 SoundtrackWiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth Furious 7 Soundtrack

This video was viewed by more than 1.39 billion viewers. The video became more famous because it was the soundtrack of the popular movie Furious 7.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno MarsMark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

This video is a little behind Wiz Khalifa’s video. The number of its viewers is 1.32 billion. This track had been number 1 in the US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.

Justin Bieber – Baby ft. LudacrisJustin Bieber – Baby ft.  Ludacris

More than 1.29 billion viewers have watched this music video. The song is catchy and fun, that’s why it has been appealing to so many people round the globe.

The list above shows how powerful YouTube video can be in reaching the maximum number of audiences. So, if you have any interesting video to share, you can upload it on YouTube.