Terry-WatkinsYouTube videos have now gone viral. Majority of the internet users view YouTube videos at least once a week. It is the most common platform for digital video. The reason behind YouTube’s popularity is its flexible use. Users can easily upload their videos which will reach huge number of audiences within seconds.

Music is the most popular content in YouTube measured by the number of views and searches. You can also watch movies easily in YouTube. People of every walk of life are using YouTube to reach to the audience. You will find almost any kind of video on You Tube. If you are not sure how to bake cake, you can find thousands of videos of baking cake, including videos from professional chefs. If you miss your favorite TV serial or any other program on TV then you can watch it on YouTube later. If you want help in understanding something, there are lots of home video tutorials on YouTube. Not sure how to change the tyre of your car? Just search a video on YouTube and you will find step by step guide on how to do it.

This blog is dedicated to YouTube videos. You will find about which videos are most popular, which artists are searched most on YouTube, etc. If you enjoy watching YouTube videos like me then you will find this blog interesting.